Police are cracking down on protestors who are caught smoking marijuana in public places during street marches and legal protest gatherings. We’re not sure as to why other than the police realize they can enforce the law vs. not being to arrest someone for yelling at them or grimacing at them, so in a way people believe the police are just trying to keep the peace.  No matter, the real reason, the fact is there will always be someone smoking marijuana in public and generally speaking they’re not hurting anyone.  The  police can continue to do these crackdowns but really they are basically wasting time and energy by doing so.  In California, the bill to legalize recreational marijuana has passed but the law really does not go into effect for at least a year from now in, 2018.

Until then, we will continue to see enforcement action being taken regardless if there is a street protest.  After all, a concert which generates thousands of people in gathering may smoke marijuana in that type of public forum but the police do nothing to enforce any laws.  That is because people are not being violent, burning down stores, breaking windows to businesses, not looting the mom & pop stores….

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