Press Release – Breaking News Submission


Timing and deadlines

It is never too early to begin preparing to publicize a story. As soon as you have a firm date for an event, or a release date for a news story, get in touch with a News Service staff member. Two weeks’ notice is a good start. For a major event, it is best to begin early preparation.

Even if the date is not fixed, it is advisable to make the News Service aware of upcoming major events.


Gather the basics . . .

The following basic information is essential for the news staff to make a determination on how to work with you to pursue coverage. If possible, have all this information ready before your initial contact with the News Service. To get started, for both news stories and events it is advisable to follow the classic journalism rule of answering the questions: who, what, where, when, why and how.

For a news story

  • Who is involved. Who won the award, gave the donation, will make the speech, is organizing the rally, etc. Noteworthy information about the main participants should be included. For major events, brief biographies of key participants are useful — accomplishments, positions held, publications, etc.
  • What is the nature of the news story or event. Concert, newly appointed professor, award, donation, etc.
  • Where the news or event is taking place (a rally in the Quad; a talk in Kresge; an award in Stockholm). Give specific addresses when possible.
  • When will the news/event take place — time, day, date, year
  • Why the story/event is newsworthy. What is the purpose of the donation, the nature of the award, the reason for the rally. What distinguishes the story/event from others like it, or makes it unique.
  • How was the decision made, the candidate chosen, the work of art completed, etc.

In addition, it is necessary to know:
Whether any illustrative items are available, such as a book cover, poster, promotional materials, photographs, etc. and day and night contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses for sponsors.

For events

If your story involves an event, some additional information is required:
Title of event, if there is one.

  • Sponsoring group(s) or individual(s).
  • Whether event is open to the public. We generally feature events only if they are open to the campuswide community.
  • Whether tickets are required; where and when available, and prices.
  • Any other charges.
  • Whether it is necessary to register — if so, how, where and deadlines.
  • Whether publicity photos are available.
  • How to obtain more information.


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