Marijuana Legalization: Here is a heart felt story about a skater kid who loved riding his long board just about everywhere he went.  It was the thrill of living life, it was the thrill of hearing the wheels hit the concrete vs. asphalt, it was the wind blowing through his hair, it was living life to its fullest.  It was the board shorts, Van shoes…the summer days…with friends chillin on the corner…..All of a sudden, a serious tragic change of events occurred and the skater dude unfortunately met his demise.  The following is an except of his story:

Jace Carter writes:  Two years ago I cracked my skull in three places and had swelling in my brain from a traumatic brain injury after falling off of a long board.
Since that time I’ve had to visit countless doctors and get constant checkups. Two of my largest problems from the head injury have been
really high anxiety and depression along with motivational issues. And my experience with pharmaceutical drugs has been a total nightmare.
They have tried several different types of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications on me, and only just now have I found just an anti-depressant
that works. For me marijuana has given me the will to keep on going and not feel so stressed about the stupid little things. It also allows me to put
everything into perspective with much more ease. If I never had marijuana to help me through the more difficult times of the head injury I probably wouldn’t be alive today.
I want everyone to see that it really is medicine and that it really works for people like me along with those who have many other different health issues.

Thank you for your time,

Jace Carter

So then, as you can see Jace not only received a traumatic injury but explains the after affects as it relates to anxiety and depression.  Jace did not ask for these symptoms and was undoubtedly dealt a bad hand in life but he has taken the stance of fighting back.  Jace in a sense is reaching out and further explaining he truly believes without the use of marijuana he probably would not be alive today.  Don’t forget Jace was an everyday kid riding his long board enjoying life without anxiety or depression.  You see my friends there is a reason marijuana was placed on the earth for all mankind.  We have all  heard from millions of people over the years that marijuana has helped them get through rough times in life and Jace is no exception.

We would ask you continue to support the legalization of marijuana and support and our efforts.  We need to continue to support people like Jace who was not afraid to reach-out and share his story.  We as Americans must help one another, we must as Americans stand up for people who have been involved in traumatic incidents, we must as Americans protect our children, we must as Americans continue to work together and never give up… the legalization of marijuana.


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