UFCW: The United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW), the nation’s largest union to help the marijuana industry by implementing the union to force a strong hold on the industry.”[more…]”   Meaning, if the UFCW has anything to say about it they anxiously invite all marijuana businesses to join their union to become the majority and for the right to have a powerful entrenched stronghold.  The UFCW is a powerhouse and has been long considered the grassroots of America and has been known to deliver a powerful punch to its opponents.  Legalize.co decided to take a good look at what was being proposed here and from the looks of it we believe a compromise could certainly be arranged. Americans for Safe Access,  leading the way for marijuana reform.


The dispensary, the Venice Beach Care Center, is one of three medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles that are staffed by dues-paying union members. Another 49 in the city plan to enter into labor agreements with the UFCW this year, the union says.  See how the numbers are growing? It is not difficult to see how statistics change things, there is power in numbers.

Together, the dispensaries are a symbol of the growing bond between the medical marijuana industry and struggling labor unions.  But are they really struggling?  We doubt either the UFCW or the dispensaries are suffering but we do believe there should be good positive changes made along the way for both entities as both will benefit each other down the line.

During the last few years, unions, led by the UFCW, have played an increasingly significant role in campaigns to allow medical marijuana, now legal in California, 17 other states and Washington, D.C.  Legalize.co would certainly like to see the State of California bust wide open and allow the  use of recreational marijuana to the fullest extent.  Once the State of California allows the use of recreational marijuana on the state level we then can move forward with the decriminalization not only in California but the rest of the sister states as well.

In the November elections, UFCW operatives also helped get-out-the-vote efforts in Colorado, where voters approved a measure that made possession of one ounce (28.3 grams) or less of the drug legal for anyone 21 and older. Washington state approved a similar measure and both states require regulation of marijuana growers, processors and retailers.  Legalize.co is not sure if Colorado or Washington will be the, “to follow” states if you will.  Perhaps, they will become stagnant and in the meantime, Legalize.co believes the State of California will become the leader as it should have been from the onset.

Union officials acknowledge that their support stems partly from the idea that the marijuana industry could create hundreds of thousands of members at a time when overall union membership is shrinking.  Legalize.co believes the main reason the membership has been shrinking over the past ten years is due to the poor economy in where the housing market to a dive and businesses abroad were bailing out of the country to seek cheap labor.  Some of major industry was sold out to foreign countries over the years leaving  our country to fend for ourselves.  Now China is a superpower and they own us!  Or, do they?  Well, we shall leave that story for another day, our point here is to let you know we truly believe it is a good start for union officials to offer up this generous idea to the marijuana industry.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last month that union members – who accounted for 11.8 percent of the workforce in 2011 – now make up about 11.3 percent of all American workers, the lowest percentage in nearly a century.  However, what is not be factored here is the possibility of hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans could be on the horizon if we legalize the use of recreational marijuana.  Why are people so scared?  We would like to think people are not scared but the bottom line is they are scared and the reason being is because it is called the unknown.  The unanswered questions by law abiding citizens have not been answered and as it looks there has not been an icon of a person who can stand up with certainty and be the voice of the people.  We definitely need a powerful leader that is for certain. Yes, republicans & democrats smoke cannabis and yes both parties are members in the union. So then, it appears we are in bipartisan here correct?  Well, if not then we can surely agree on one thing, we are all Americans.

Union officials say there are now 3,000 UFCW members who work in the cannabis industry, a tiny fraction of the union’s 1.3 million members.Industry advocates acknowledge that the legal marijuana industry’s potential to produce jobs is difficult to project. One reason: uncertainty over how the U.S. government will deal with an industry whose product is illegal under federal law but increasingly accepted by state laws.

Since Colorado and Washington state voted to legalize marijuana on November 6, President Obama has said his administration will not pursue recreational pot users in those states.  However, the president has not said whether the U.S. government will allow widespread sales of the drug that would be legal under some state laws but not federal law.  Nationally, nearly six out of ten Americans support legalizing cannabis, according to a just released Public Policy Polling automated telephone survey of 1,325 voters, commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project.

Green Rush getting ready to explode

Despite such uncertainty, the marijuana industry’s growth potential intrigues unions and retailers, among others. Crowd funding marijuana has been on the forefront of the minds of many investors who are salivating at the chance to cash in on viable investments within the cannabis movement.

An analysis by Sea Change Strategies, a research firm for non-profit organizations, estimated that the medical marijuana market could grow to $8.9 billion by 2016.  Investors realize the laws must be set in place before they start slinging money around in the millions to assure a return on whatever they throw down.  Marijuana Accessories is a huge market right now and is particularly being looked at by investors versus cannabis as it appears to be just as big of a money maker.  Marijuana accessories is a multi- billion dollar industry in and of itself and is mostly underground and perhaps best marketed by word of mouth purchases only. However, that is changing rapidly and glass blowers who have been long considered famous will have the opportunity to now expose themselves to the mercy of society.

A study by Washington state’s Office of Financial Management said legalization could result in $1 billion in sales per year in the state, which is home to about 2 percent of the U.S. population.  For people like Dan Rush, who leads the UFCW’s cannabis division, the numbers hint at big things to come for the marijuana industry.  Legalize.co can do better that that!  We will give you a big hint….it is already here and people are making money investments everyday and profiting big time…so what is all the fuss?  All  you have to do is run your business legally and you will have no problem.  Marijuana accessories have a 500% mark up…the profit is there.

“Since Election Day, we’ve had a rush to join the union” in states where marijuana is sold legally, said Rush, who has become a key player in the union’s efforts to promote the legal use of the drug. “I can’t keep up,” he said. “That’s a direct result of the best poll in the world being Election Day.”  Rush said that if the industry expands, as he and others hope, it would support jobs across the country, from growers to truck drivers to carpenters to retail clerks.

The scale of the business could rival that of a major U.S. crop or the alcohol industry, according to UFCW officials who estimate that 100,000 workers could be added to their union in California alone.  By joining a union, marijuana workers could have more sway in pressing for higher pay and benefits such as healthcare.  Over all, Legalize.co would highly recommend every business to keep an open mind about this as we realize not every state, person or business may want to join the union and perhaps not everyone should but if by keeping an open mind then we can further communicate.  With out communication we do not have much of a relationship if any.  Please be diligent my friends… remember there are many things we are prohibited of doing in life…but as Americans if you prohibit us you better be ready for a fight…. Americans never give up!

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