Vape pen start ups are popping up all across the states but specifically in Colorado!  Yes, Colorado seems to be taking the lead in innovative start ups and people are thinking of very cool ways to make money. [more…] One popular start up seems to be hemp products from anything to clothing to paint products but that’s not all we have seen hemp jewelry being made selling in the thousands of dollars.  People are buying domain names in order to pitch their online products but the problem seems to be the lack of quality domain names, specifically the .com and we recognize people are splitting the word marijuana to come up with catchy names such as which is owned by

Of course, we have spoken about this in the past so, to go into other exciting news a lot of people are starting to sell vaporizers like mad and people are profiting like no tomorrow. Why? It is because it is a trend right now and it is the “in thing to do for the youth!”  Vape pens are a big favorite, however, the youth are smart…and they really only want quality vape pens and do not wish to purchase vape pens outside of America due to poor quality. But, for the seller it is big business and you can find such vape pens all over Ebay as an example…but there are plenty of cannabis websites who peddle such items, either way no matter what platform you use it is a winner!  Remember, if you’re going to start your own start up you first have to have a plan, a goal, some capital, domain name,  and a website to name a few to get started.

Most start ups are looking for funding, specifically through, or  Start ups cost money and investors are willing to invest if you have a business plan, a business model and some type of platform to work off of but it still is a lot of work, however, if you can pull it off then investors would be interested in investing in a quality marijuana accessory.  If you do not have a product but are looking for some cool ideas we may have the answer for you, so you’re welcome to email us with any ideas or inventions you may have. We have steered people in the right direction many times and they’re very successful today. The market is wide open right now, but just make sure what you’re doing is legal and safe. Oh, and do not forget the legal aspect of whatever your start up consists of, meaning, invest in the security of your website as an example. We have seen many people who do not invest in this very important part of their business and it is crucial.

Moreover, make sure you have the proper business licensing as it may involve a City, County, State or Federal license so use due diligence. Moreover, consult with an attorney before you go into business, you might be surprised it is not that expensive, however, you may want to get a second opinion as not all lawyers are correct in their findings. We say this because, we know of many cases in where people consulted lawyers and found out later it was a mere opinion and they were held to answer. On the lighter side, if you need an investor please email us we can tell you where to go and how to do it… but ya gotta email us!

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