Welcome!  “As seen on WeedNews.TV!” We are about to embark on a journey within the cannabis industry which has never been seen before.  Our goal is to bring streaming live video to every home in America!  We are excited to announce we now are the proud owners of WeedNews.TV a premium domain name to say the least.  Our vision is to bring cannabis related newsworthy stories directly to you from the source!  We would like to invite the each of you to join us on our journey and would love for you to be apart of our network.  Everyone knows, “Weed News” is the best name ever for such a roll out in this type of industry. Yes, UnitedStatesWeedChannel.com has the number #1 spot on the internet with their exciting news network soon to be on cable networks across America! You can see how big brother has taken a leading roll! But just to give you another idea, take a look at Pot.TV it is more of a blog, however, it has very nice information!

We are looking for partners, entrepreneurs,  dreamers, investors or anyone who would like to join us to make it happen.  We can promise you this, we will become a major player in the network, there is no doubt whatsoever we will be on top and we feel so confident we are coming out in public and letting anyone and everyone know it.

Yes, we have had many inquires and can sense the excitement from as far away as Lima Peru! If you would like to join us please email us and we will add you to our network!

Remember, we support you America!  We want to involve you and we truly would love for you to join us and of course are open to ideas on how to form our media base, you now have the opportunity we’re giving it to you!  The rewards will be great and with your support we can pull it off!

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