What about medical marijuana dispensaries? If the 2016 California pot initiative passes what will happen to the already existing medical marijuana dispensaries? Simple, they will merely re-brand their business and continue to do business and continue to serve their patients. Actually, its a great question as of now the medical marijuana dispensaries are the only ones profiting from their businesses.  Now then, they may claim they’re non-profit and perhaps they are but likely they have a large margin.  So, what will happen is they will face fierce competition and will have to keep up with the high demand for cannabis.

Remember, the tax base will probably be about 21% so with that being said you will see some savvy business people who try to fluff the books.  Those who fluff the books and get caught will surely be shut down by the authorities as the rules will be strictly enforced.  Even today, savvy business people continue to try and cheat while running their medical marijuana dispensaries and truth be said that is why the authorities are shutting them down.  You cannot for instance sell guns & ammo inside of a medical marijuana dispensary and if you do and get caught you will surely be shut down and lose your license.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are likely to switch over to a dispensary or collective based on new rules and regulations so they meet state standards if the 2016 ballot is passed.  No, it is not going to be easy but really it will not be hard but it is a matter of making decisions and the transformation of realizing anyone over the age of 21 years of age will be eligible to purchase and consume cannabis as recreational.  In other words, currently it takes a medical marijuana card based on a doctors prognosis of some ailment to currently make a purchase of marijuana, well that will all change and a medical marijuana card or medical doctor prescription will not be necessary.

Interestingly enough, the bigger story here is who you will likely see frequenting marijuana pubs, bars, cafes, collectives!  Yes, your local police officer, your local school teacher, your local construction worker, your local mail carrier!  It is a fact of life, whether you agree or not it will happen and to pre-judge would be silly.  Yes, you may see your local coach or Sunday school teacher as well.  Soon enough it will common place and people will not think much of it but it will happen so the medical marijuana dispensaries do not need to get mad they will have to accept the changes as they come.

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