Obama Approves Marijuana Loans

President Obama approves marijuana loans?  Yes, in a sense President Obama has taken it upon himself to pass a bill to allow the banking institutions to regulate loans for small businesses involving marijuana start ups.  The banking institutions have long wondered if they would ever be able to fund such loans as they have always worried about repercussions from the federal government.[more...]  Finally, a glimmer of hope has happened and banking institutions now have a sigh of relief now knowing they can conduct business on a legal level.  We commend President Obama for doing what is right and understanding Americans abroad conducting such businesses are not cartels nor do they conduct business with the cartels. In the scheme of things we can clearly see the federal government cluing in on things and have a better understanding of marijuana from their own law enforcement ranks & files.  Most law enforcement are not against cannabis, however, it is their position to enforce …
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