Yahoo! Marijuana is Legal!

Well the day we have been waiting for!  Colorado & Washington have both passed the law for the use of recreational marijuana.  Now then, the federal government apparently is not to happy about this and it has been said they are willing to talk.  Which in our opinion is a good thing.  If the federal government decides to initiate a lawsuit in order to thwart the law they are surely to run into a legal wrangling mess.  It is not what the feds want  but rather what the people want.  It is the American way, yes, a democracy.  It was the way we were raised and we won fair and square.  Not only in one state of the union but two states within our union.  I must say there had better be some strict regulations similar to alcoholic beverages.  We have to have laws to protect our civil society and we can not let things get out of hand.

We would like to congratulate the citizenry of both Colorado and Washington, it is…

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