Crowd Funding Marijuana in High Demand

Crowd funding Marijuana in High DemandWritten by CEO-Founder Kevin FalerResearch by Senior Editor Mercedes Varela

"Crowd funding Marijuana in High Demand." Yes it is going viral!  Investors are scurrying in every direction to find their special niche in the marijuana industry.  Most investors are not so interested in the harvesting of marijuana or selling of marijuana as they are in the marijuana accessories.  Marijuana accessories are viable tangible products which are legal in every direction and the mark up is staggering.  The profit margin is a whopping 500% easy on any given day.  For would be investors the thought is how much better can it be?  Well, perhaps a lot better as the sky is the limit when it comes to the manufacturing of marijuana accessories.  In the United States there are countless professional glass blowers who can pump out an exorbitant amount of bongs, pipes, bubblers or whatever you want at a very reasonable wholesale price…

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