Hawaii Senators Approve Marijuana Law

Hawaii Senators approve marijuana law!  Yes!  Hawaii Senators have agreed to approve a new marijuana law and make possession of less than one ounce of marijuana a civil fine versus a criminal fine. [more...] This is very good news!  Of course, the Honolulu Police disagree.... stating out of 30,000 arrests last year only 19 of them were for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.  Well, Legalize.co finds it pretty questionable if Honolulu Police actually made that many arrests especially if the arrests were drug related.  After all, Honolulu is not that populated and to make that many drug arrests or otherwise would be astronomical.  Our contentions are if they only made 19 misdemeanor possession of marijuana less than one ounce arrests...then that is pretty weak.  Obviously, they do not have a wide spread problem with people committing drug crimes.  Or, are the Honolulu Police lying? We are not sure... but the senators were correct when they decid…

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