Americans want the Fed’s to butt out

 Federal Government



Authored by CEO-Founder, Kevin FalerCo-authored by Senior Editor, Tiffany Jenkins

Legalization of marijuana, Americans want the [Federal Government] Fed's to butt out!!! It looks like everything is going well when it comes to people accepting the fact recreational marijuana is now legal in the States of Colorado & Washington.  Or is it? What's really cool is the citizens appear to have been cooperative with their local police officers and have taken good direction from the police. However, this does not negate the fact that most Americans are split over the legalization of marijuana.  A new Gallup poll out today suggests that there are many different criteria to determine what age group actually agrees or disagrees with the passage of the new laws.  The poll also makes mention of democrats and republicans who are split on the issue as well. Legalizati…

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