Americans Favor Legalizing Marijuana

Americans want marijuana legalized in the United States.  A recent Gallup Poll has indicated 58% of Americans polled agree marijuana should be legalized not for medicinal marijuana usage but for recreational use!  We have seen a frenzy in the recent weeks of filthy rich investors who are now trying their best to get in on the action as it relates to the sale of cannabis and marijuana accessories.  As it looks the investors are not only looking to invest in legal investments but illegal as well.  Meaning, the illegal investments would be medical marijuana dispensaries, after all the federal government has said they do not recognize states laws governing the use of medicinal marijuana.  Therefore, the investor has to make a decision in whether or not they want to take that gamble.  One of the reasons the investor is thinking about investing in the illegal aspect of cannabis is simple, they want to profit and they see where the real money is. Gallup…

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