American Cannabis or Mexican Cannabis

American cannabis or Mexican cannabis, will the real cannabis please stand up?  Seriously, do you know which is which?[more...] Well, neither do we, however, we are told there is a distinct difference and it is all started on how it is raised.  As an example many drug cartels will hire runners to do their dirty work.  Meaning they will hire migrant workers who are basically insolvent or poor people who really just need a job.  The migrant worker will clear out a swatch of land and dig what are called "corn rows" in effort to raise cannabis.  This is the favorite way the Mexican farmer plants his/her garden, you might call it the old fashion traditional way.  The soil may be rich or it may have a lack of nutrients.  The migrant worker will undoubtedly use a mix of chemicals which mostly are miracle grow type fertilizers in effort to get the cannabis to spring up quickly.  There is not  much wrong with using fertilizers but it truly depends on wh…

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