Marijuana Dispensaries Under Attack in Los Angeles

Marijuana Dispensaries are under attack in Los Angeles, California. The Feds have busted down the doors of the medical marijuana community. With patients scurrying to the floor with  guns wielded by paratrooper like police officers enforce the shut down of hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries. We wondering why? What the heck is going on now? Does The City of Los Angeles truly want to wage war on medical marijuana patient? We are stifled with the fact the police would really go as far to kick out medical marijuana patients from obtaining badly needed medicine.

Well, whatever the reason this will only make the marijuana community stronger in the end, there are many activist who are not afraid of city government or the police.  What the City of Los Angeles does not get is talking out differences is the better approach versus sending in the police to take action on medical patients.  Really, they are crossin…

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