Marijuana or Liquor it’s your choice

Recreational MarijuanaMarijuana or Liquor it's your choice


Recreational marijuana, All things considered, despite the perception that Americans are big party people a new study shows men in their 20's and 30's take in about 175 calories a day in alcohol consumption, for women it is about 60 calories. What does this have to do with recreational marijuana? Well, the government warns this is a little more than one should partake in on a daily basis.  When you add up all those calories it leaves a big question for people who are gluten for a negative outcome and this is the part of the reason you will see people transforming from alcoholic beverages to recreational marijuana.  Interestingly enough, people really do not care about the counting the bean counter when it comes to calories when consuming alcoholic beverages rather they count their money and look at cost factors. (more…)

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Skater Dude – Marijuana Legalization


Marijuana Legalization: Here is a heart felt story about a skater kid who loved riding his long board just about everywhere he went.  It was the thrill of living life, it was the thrill of hearing the wheels hit the concrete vs. asphalt, it was the wind blowing through his hair, it was living life to its fullest.  It was the board shorts, Van shoes...the summer days...with friends chillin on the corner.....All of a sudden, a serious tragic change of events occurred and the skater dude unfortunately met his demise.  The following is an except of his story:

Jace Carter writes:  Two years ago I cracked my skull in three places and had swelling in my brain from a traumatic brain injury after falling off of a long board. Since that time I've had to visit countless doctors and get constant checkups. Two of my largest problems from the head injury have …

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Legalize iT

Welcome to a streaming marijuana news site sweeping America.  Yes, is a new website informing you of the most updated information available.  Today is a very trying day in 2012 as we continue to fight forward for the legalization of recreational marijuana for all America.  Some may say it is an endless battle but we do not think the way others do, besides as Americans we are told at an early age not to give up and do things legally to get what you want.  So then, we know what we want and we are going after it legally and will not stop until we prevail.  This is not rocket science, it is merely a question for the people, yes, if put it to the voter then we shall see who prevails.  Every group or activist for or against can pitch their own propaganda but who knows maybe we will come out a head.

If you notice here I am not bringing up the crippled or the victim of some deadly disease....I …

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Over zealous Prosecutor goes after Farmers

Here is another clear example of an over zealous attorney with the title of Prosecutor who is trying to make a name for himself.  We have seen this over and over but here is the kicker, there has been convictions for homicide where people merely received 7 years and were released in about 4 with good behavior.  My point with all this silly stuff is  the age ole question:  "Are we really going to send a person to jail for all that time for something relatively harmless?"

Detroit, MI -- Four medical marijuana patients and caregivers will be sentenced in Michigan federal courts this week, highlighting the human cost of the federal government’s intolerance for state medical marijuana laws. The sentencing hearings come less than a week after another Montana medical marijuana provider, Chris Williams, was similarly denied a defense and found guilty at trial. In August, Montana medical marijuana provider Richard Flor…

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