Skater Dude – Marijuana Legalization


Marijuana Legalization: Here is a heart felt story about a skater kid who loved riding his long board just about everywhere he went.  It was the thrill of living life, it was the thrill of hearing the wheels hit the concrete vs. asphalt, it was the wind blowing through his hair, it was living life to its fullest.  It was the board shorts, Van shoes...the summer days...with friends chillin on the corner.....All of a sudden, a serious tragic change of events occurred and the skater dude unfortunately met his demise.  The following is an except of his story:

Jace Carter writes:  Two years ago I cracked my skull in three places and had swelling in my brain from a traumatic brain injury after falling off of a long board. Since that time I've had to visit countless doctors and get constant checkups. Two of my largest problems from the head injury have …

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