Obama agrees with Voters on Marijuana

[one_sixth_last][/one_sixth_last]Obama agrees with Voters on Marijuana

Obama agrees with Voters on Marijuana, Looks as though our Commander and Chief, President Barack Obama agrees... the Federal government should back off in the prosecution of recreational marijuana at the state level. After all, the voters in the States of Colorado & Washington have voted for it and it would make no sense to prosecute at a federal level.  In an exclusive interview with President Obama, Barbara Walters grills him over the issue of the use of recreational marijuana. President Obama said he wouldn't go that far but did say the people have spoken! Moreover, he explains the Federal government  has much bigger fish to fry when it comes to federal prosecution. Leaving the thought for the people to read into cryptically. (more…)

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Over zealous Prosecutor goes after Farmers

Here is another clear example of an over zealous attorney with the title of Prosecutor who is trying to make a name for himself.  We have seen this over and over but here is the kicker, there has been convictions for homicide where people merely received 7 years and were released in about 4 with good behavior.  My point with all this silly stuff is  the age ole question:  "Are we really going to send a person to jail for all that time for something relatively harmless?"

Detroit, MI -- Four medical marijuana patients and caregivers will be sentenced in Michigan federal courts this week, highlighting the human cost of the federal government’s intolerance for state medical marijuana laws. The sentencing hearings come less than a week after another Montana medical marijuana provider, Chris Williams, was similarly denied a defense and found guilty at trial. In August, Montana medical marijuana provider Richard Flor…

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