Haborside Health Gains Victory


Harborside Health Gains Victory - Eviction Notice

Harborside Health Center Gains Victory For Cannabis Dispensaries

Alameda Superior Court Rules to Quash Landlord’s Eviction Motion

State vs. Federal Cannabis Laws Conflict Continues

Reported by: CEO-Founder Kevin Faler

Harborside Health gains victory over eviction, Legalize.co who has been in direct contact with Gaynell Rogers, Media Relations Manager was super excited this morning as her phone line has been flooded with calls from media outlets inquiring about the court ruling victory handed down to Harborside Health.  The eviction process has been halted, and with any eviction this process has to have viable reasoning to win a eviction or unlawful detainer. We are so proud…

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Marijuana Legalization in California

Marijuana Legalization in California

Welcome to Legalize.co a news information site where you can keep up with all the up coming information that hits the internet at the speed of light...or at least as fast as possible.  California has led the way to the legalization of recreational marijuana across the country until recently when Colorado seems to have made the jump in first place.  We figured this would happen as California has to deal with over zealous prosecutors who always seem to find some kind of minor violation of the 900+ collectives in Los Angeles County.  Once there is an alleged violation the police have no choice but to continue to waste money and write search warrants in hopes to find some bigger violation along the way.  Unfortunately, there are collectives out there breaking the law...just like police officers break the law along with prosecutors...yes they do.  It is all unfortunate, but we all break the law but people just don…

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