Licensing Marijuana Delivery Drivers

Licensing marijuana delivery drivers seems to be swirling around in the mind of lawmakers as more and more deliveries are being conducted everyday.  Since the Federal Government has taken a negative stance against marijuana collectives this appears to be another futile attempt to get at the hearts of medical marijuana patients.[more...]  The government is considering having all marijuana delivery drivers to have a special stamp and or code placed on their drivers license in an attempt to identify them as medical marijuana delivery persons.  Now then, this may not seem to be to bad by the looks of it but there are certainly constitutional rights to the expectation of privacy.  It begs the question, why would the Federal Government even care?  Well, we are not sure but we know they are eager to identify anyone selling, distributing, transporting or even asking for donations to medical marijuana deliveries.


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Marijuana Dispensaries Now in Competition

Marijuana Dispensaries now in competition!  Yes, it is true there are many marijuana dispensaries which are fighting to stay on top by advertising on, however, is losing control?  Well, there are many other marijuana mapping sites available now, so as it looks is losing business to other marijuana directories.  For a long time now, has had the monopoly when it comes to the advertising king for marijuana advertisement. charges an exorbitant amount of money for a mere listing and that really adds up at the end of the year when looking at the good ole profit margin. [more...] Many marijuana dispensaries are already established and really do not even need anymore as they have an established customer base or patient base.

Seems as though, the thought of a medical marijuana dispensary was suppose to be for a medical patient to have a lo…

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