Marijuana vs. Twinkies

Let's talk about jobs, jobs and more jobs!  Yes, the marijuana prohibition is ending and we shall soon see many more jobs for men & women abroad. Take a look at Ebay, since Hostess announced it is going out of business, people have went crazy snapping up boxes and boxes of Twinkies for re-sale on Ebay.  Seriously, people have went nuts selling Twinkies on Ebay.  Well, once the law passes for the use of recreational marijuana people will go even more nuts and websites will be popping up everywhere on the web promoting big business. It is so interesting to see the States of Colorado & Washington approve the use of recreational marijuana before the State of California.  Actually, this amazes me but here is what I came up with.  You see when the housing market came crashing down on Californians people fled to states such as Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Texas and Tennessee to name a few of the top states.  Now then, since Californians fled to…

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