Marijuana or Liquor it’s your choice

Recreational MarijuanaMarijuana or Liquor it's your choice


Recreational marijuana, All things considered, despite the perception that Americans are big party people a new study shows men in their 20's and 30's take in about 175 calories a day in alcohol consumption, for women it is about 60 calories. What does this have to do with recreational marijuana? Well, the government warns this is a little more than one should partake in on a daily basis.  When you add up all those calories it leaves a big question for people who are gluten for a negative outcome and this is the part of the reason you will see people transforming from alcoholic beverages to recreational marijuana.  Interestingly enough, people really do not care about the counting the bean counter when it comes to calories when consuming alcoholic beverages rather they count their money and look at cost factors. (more…)

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