Marijuana Medbox Coming Soon

Marijuana Medbox coming soon?  Well, if business investors have it there way this will be the new fad coming to every street corner in America!  It is a basic simple idea, merely select your strain and swipe your card and you can have it in hand within seconds of the purchase.  Yes, tis true!  You will be able to purchase cannabis right from a metal box, who would have figured?  Well, sure it is probably a ways off as all the laws must be written and regulation must follow in order to keep everyone safe.  As it looks, the owners of the Medbox, Dr. Bruce Bedrick, CEO of Medbox, said, “We look forward to working with residents and existing small business operators in the State of Washington to assist them through the complex maze of regulations, obtain necessary permits and zoning approvals, and install inventory management systems that meet or exceed all state and local regulations." According to Bedrick, Medbox has offered its guidance, suggestio…

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