Illegal Searches vs. Legal Searches

Illegal searches vs. legal searches seem to always be in the news. Well, here is the problem with most searches.  If the police stop you walking, riding a motorcycle, a horse, quad runner, bicycle or any kind of motor vehicle and the officer smells the suspected odor of fresh marijuana and or burnt marijuana he/she can further conduct their investigation."[more...]"   Meaning, they can perform a pat down search for weapons only, if they find one they can remove it from your person.  However, they cannot remove any marijuana which is concealed unless they can prove you were going to use it as a weapon and or they were in danger.  Of course, that would be pretty hard to prove.  Now then, what happens is the officer will most likely ask you for consent to search your person for any marijuana. Sometimes they will joking ask you something such as this:  "Do you have any rocket launchers, grenades, bombs or drugs on you?"  This is partly to break the…

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