Indian Casinos pass the Peace Pipe



One story we came across was about two Lakota Indian squaws from Arizona who were in the wilderness when they came across a couple of Indian hunters looking for buffalo.  One of the Indian hunters apparently became love struck by the beauty of one of the Lakota squaws and placed his hands upon her in some fashion.  The story said a mist appeared and temporarily caused an illusion in where the Indian hunter perished and only his bones were found.  As the story goes, the other Indian hunter who was still alive and well offered the Lakota squaw's a peace pipe and this is how it all unfolded. The Lakota squaw's were told they were to smoke the pipe during all celebrations and treaties and that it would bring peaceful thoughts to their minds.  Additionally, If they use it when praying to the Strong One above and to Mother Earth they would be sure to receive blessings. (more…)

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