Pot Legal Joe Catfish

Pot Legal Joe Catfish, present their newest music video on Legalize.co!  We interviewed Don Holifield who posted on our Facebook site after reviewing his music video.  Don an outspoken cannabis activist since the 70's expressed his willingness to reach out to the world and let it be known it is now legal! Don who admittedly has had many run ins with the law over smoking marijuana said he is no longer afraid since he now  is a marijuana card toting toker.  Don said he personally wrote the lyrics to his newest song and actually recorded it on a whim in his very own studio. If you listen to the words, his message is pretty simple, but I will let you be the judge of that.  The video has the aroma of a dimly lit bar from the 70's with a packed out standing room only with thick smoke in the air with beer sipping hippies jamming to pot legal. It was a pleasure interviewing such a fine man such as Don, he was being real and is one of those guys who says …

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