Facebook Mogul Sean Parker Supports Legalization

Multi-billionaire Sean Parker invests in California Ballot

Ex-Facebook President, Sean Parker, who is reportedly worth a whopping 2.5 Billion according to articles published  by Forbes has reportedly paid big bucks toward the up coming California initiative this year.  Remember when Sean and Mark Zuckerberg worked on Facebook inside Mark's SoCal home?  You realize, Sean, is the co-founder of Napster, right? Sean brought his Napster skills to Facebook working along side Mark to make things come alive!  Sean, who is now enjoying his successes in life has again stepped up as the mogul we all know him as and has invested in what will be termed another seventh world wonder..... if the initiative passes it will make history forevermore!  It is very important if  you support the legalization of recreational marijuana in the State of California that you and your friends get out there and vote.  It is not hard, in fact, if you've never voted it is really…

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