Californians going in stealth

Californians going in stealth is an genius idea!  Why? Well, let's face it many people do not want to come out publicly supporting cannabis due to their job status, family or even close friends who might be up in the air over the idea.  Nevertheless, what is happening behind the scenes is pretty cool as investors are giving to contributors behind closed doors to get things done.  If you think about it for a cool minute you will realize that California should be the focal point for passing the law for the use of recreational marijuana but instead it has been on the sidelines observing all along.  There are probably a number of reasons for this but I can tell you hard work and networking is being placed in the groundwork to make it happen.  Here is the main problem as I see it, California, basically needs the money and realizes that it will work here but a lot of people are scared of the exponential growth it will cause in where all the top dawgs w…

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