Federal Judge Rules

Federal Judge Rules: Maria-Elena James, Magistrate, United States District Court, Northern California Division, agrees with State Judge and upholds previous ruling.  What does this mean?  Looking back, about a month ago a State of California Civil Judge made an order stating that Ana Chretien, property owner & landlord of Harborside (Health Center) Medical Marijuana could not lawfully evict Harborside since it is deemed a medical marijuana dispensary, therefore the case was closed.  Ana Chretien, thinking the State Judge erred took it a step further and filed moving papers in the United States District Court, Northern California Division in effort to have the State Judges ruling over turned.  Ana Chretien, lost again!  A Federal Judge agreed with the State Judge and declined to overturn the earlier ruling, thus, Ana Chretien lost.  Harborside medical marijuana dispensary is located in Oakland, California. (more…)

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