UFCW endorses Cannabis

UFCW: The United Food and Commercial Workers union (UFCW), the nation's largest union to help the marijuana industry by implementing the union to force a strong hold on the industry."[more...]"   Meaning, if the UFCW has anything to say about it they anxiously invite all marijuana businesses to join their union to become the majority and for the right to have a powerful entrenched stronghold.  The UFCW is a powerhouse and has been long considered the grassroots of America and has been known to deliver a powerful punch to its opponents.  Legalize.co decided to take a good look at what was being proposed here and from the looks of it we believe a compromise could certainly be arranged. Americans for Safe Access,  leading the way for marijuana reform.


The dispensary, the Venice Beach Care Center, is one of three medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles that are staff…

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