Top 5 ways to smoke Cannabis

The top 5 ways to smoke cannabis are nothing new but you might be surprised to know which one of the newest craze ways to smoke actually is.  Here are the top 5 ways to smoke cannabis in order:

Vaporizer Bong Pipe Stone Zig-Zags

Now then, you may say well that is nothing new!  Actually, what we are speaking of here is the changes we have seen in the way people smoke cannabis in today's world versus the old traditional way.[more...]  Yes, more people are using vaporizers to smoke cannabis, believing it is much safer than directly inhaling smoke.  A vaporize heats cannabis just below combustion, so you enjoy a strong high without harsh heat or toxic smoke. Those who have bongs enjoy the seamless effort into deep inhaling for maximum results.  Pipe users are and have always said the pipe is very affordable and handy to carry around, thus, using a pipe to smoke cannabis is something of convenience.…

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