Marijuana Dispensaries Now in Competition

Marijuana Dispensaries now in competition!  Yes, it is true there are many marijuana dispensaries which are fighting to stay on top by advertising on, however, is losing control?  Well, there are many other marijuana mapping sites available now, so as it looks is losing business to other marijuana directories.  For a long time now, has had the monopoly when it comes to the advertising king for marijuana advertisement. charges an exorbitant amount of money for a mere listing and that really adds up at the end of the year when looking at the good ole profit margin. [more...] Many marijuana dispensaries are already established and really do not even need anymore as they have an established customer base or patient base.

Seems as though, the thought of a medical marijuana dispensary was suppose to be for a medical patient to have a lo…

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3 States Ready to Rumble

Reported by Here is some news which we hope you enjoy!  We have seen this same story unfold over and over.  Meaning if you take a look what is written here you can clearly see more detours as we have seen so many times.

Voters in three Western states prepare to decide on Nov. 6 on laws that would make small amounts of pot legal for recreational use. Along with the Colorado Amendment 64, Initiative 502 in Washington and Measure 80 in Oregon would allow people who are 21 and older to buy less than an ounce of marijuana from shops regulated by the state.

Essentially cannabis would be treated by the state in a similar fashion to tobacco and alcohol. Sales and regulated growing operations would be taxed and licensed. Or, would they?

If the proposals pass, the states may well become social laboratories, settling a very…

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