Man Reaches Out to The World For Help

[more...]Man arrested after posting marijuana video, William Bradley of Clinton, Connecticut posted his marijuana garden on[more...]  William's video shows him walking through a pot garden in which he attempted solicit donations in effort to give more marijuana away.  Of course, he gave his name and address on the video so it was easy for the police to track him down and affect an arrest.  William who purportedly has terminal cancer said he just wanted to help others who are suffering from likewise diseases as well.  Police charged him with possession of about two pounds of marijuana, 20 grams of hashish and a couple of small bags of cocaine. is keeping balance here on this story, we believe if what William says is true we are of course heart felt for him and believe he truly thought he was doing the only thing he knew how to do while in the state of mind he was in at the time.

This t…

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Is Cannabis Dangerous

 Senior Editor - Tiffany Jenkins

Is Cannabis Dangerous, where do you get your marijuana?  Do you trust the person you get it from?  Are you buying it from a dispensary?  Or, due to being a non-marijuana patient are you buying it off the streets?  These are are all valid questions but the reason I bring it up is the fact safety is first and foremost.  I am sure we all realize this is an age old issue since you can get it from a personal connection, group of people or perhaps a large house party.  If you do not know the origin of the cannabis you may want to think twice about taking that hit.  Why?  Well, you have to remember if you buy it off the street as an example the low level street peddler may not be the most honest.  So, if the person is not honest you can bet they have an agenda. Besides, do you really want to smoke marijuana which you don't even know where it came from?  The scary part here is the dealer or better termed connection certain…

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